The Family Skit | Sunny & Mamta

This was just as much fun to shoot as it is to watch!!!
A BIG thanks to the super-talented Pavan Nihalani and Amal Akbar for putting together an awesome performance. <3 you guys!

Click to watch “Good Apternoon Mamsir, How are you, Fine?: An International Perspective on Sunny”.

2 Responses to “The Family Skit | Sunny & Mamta”

  1. Renu Khemaney Says:

    That was the cutest and most entertaining wedding videos I have ever seen! Absolutely LOVED IT! Well done guys! Truly amazing… God bless the lovely couple and their so talented friends! Xx

  2. aksandhu Says:

    Thank you for the kind words Ms. Khemaney :)
    AK Sandhu