Its a small word with a pretty big meaning. . . The word “Manzil” is Urdu for Destination. Its also the name of the house that made me believe in destiny once again!

Over the course of the last few months I got two different inquiries about June 12, 2010. A couple getting married in Canada and a couple getting engaged in NYC.
I was super excited to hear from them but I was bummed when I failed to book either. I questioned my ability, my talent, even my luck. . . but then on May 27th @11:40am I got an unexpected call from Amritsar {The Holy City in Punjab, India}.  Miss Kirat Sandhu was getting married on June 12th. Her good friend and amazing photographer couldn’t make it due to a family emergency so luck suddenly happened to favor me and it was the quickest connection I ever made with a bride. 
We talked for over an hour and about a lot more than just me photographing her wedding week. She then said, “…I feel like we have so many similarities.”  I couldn’t put my finger on it either but besides just our obvious last name, it was a connection that definitely made me wonder. Perhaps a few special souls in heaven helped connect us here on earth. A small part in both of us actually believed that. One can plan for months in advance for things that never work, yet it only takes a moment for what is meant to be to actually happen. We both shared that belief.

I love the city of Amritsar. Its famous for its amazing food but I had never really gotten to experience the city and its people besides my short visits to the Golden Temple. I was ecstatic, my mother was terrified but we were both thrilled nonetheless. Less than a week after I first spoke with Kirat, I was on a flight back to the motherland and to my Manzil!
I have over 5000-images to sort through before I share with you the best ones. Here is one that holds a special place in my heart for all the amazing times I had during my visit.

I haven’t quite figured out the right words that can express my feelings for the time I spent @Manzil but all in all, it was nothing short of a-m-a-z-i-n-g
I thanked God for making me believe once again. And I thank you Kirat–I was destined to share the most important week of your life with you and your family in the Holy City of Amritsar and I couldn’t be more grateful to you and your wonderful family for all their love and hospitality during my time there.
~A.K. Sandhu

Here just a sneak peek into all the awesomeness that unfolded behind the scenes @Manzil. . . trust me, there is a LOT more to come!

5 Responses to “Manzil”

  1. Ratima Grover Says:

    AWESOME is the word!!! Thank you soooo much for capturing these very special moments so beautifully for all of us to cherish for ever and ever. God Bless my precious sister and Paaji. And god bless you Miss A.K. for an amaaaazing job.. :)


    Nice work.. I love the family who built a school i studied as i have learnt alot from this school more than any other school i went to. Congratulations to the SANDHU family.. These moment are unforgettable.

  3. manpreet Ghumman Says:

    LOVE IT!!!!! Dats all i can say…If this is d sneak peak, den i cant wait to see the rest….Kirats looks absolutely gorgeous.. iI love the way u’v captured the moments…
    U’v done an ammmmaaazzzzing job…xx

  4. S Says:

    Very good work. Your post reminds me of the great teacher/mentor/friend from the Sandhu family who shaped my life. So glad to see Kirat all-smiles on the special occasion.

  5. admin Says:

    THank you ALL for the kind words of encouragement… they mean a lot more than you can imagine :) This wedding was truly special to me and I’m glad that comes across!