Garani & Pallav | Wedding {San Jose}

The first wedding I wanted to blog about was the first wedding I had the opportunity to second-shoot.
I had finally exited the world of corporate slavery and was really excited about actually following my passion of photography. I reached out to wedding-photographers in the bay area and offered to second-shoot with them. Luckily, I got a call back from “photographer-X” who invited me to shoot an all-day extravaganza at Garani and Pallav’s Wedding. I was on cloud-9 but the morning of the wedding, I realized I was just a tad bit nervous, ok, no, i was reeeally nervous. Phew. The event was huge! Close to what 400 guests, with South-Indian and Sri Lankan traditions I thought I was aware of but i realized I really was not!  There was sooo much going on. Wedding-planners were frantically running around in different directions. Photog-X was by the ‘mandap’ (alter) the whole time and he was too busy to tell me what to do so I went on and started capturing what I felt I would want captured at my own wedding. The bride and groom made separate entries and no one was capturing the bride behind the scenes so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to capture what I thought was most important at the wedding, the BRIDE! 
Then, in the middle of the ceremony, the bride exited to change into the Sari that was blessed by the priest. Another exit and entry and no one followed her so I did. Shooting with her and her sisters and brides-maids was the most fun part of the day for me. After the ceremony we had a break but wait, where’s the bride? Getting ready for the reception… so i tracked her down in her room and got a few more candid moments. All n’ all, it was a funn day. I learnt soo much through observation. I thanked photog-X for allowing me such an opportunity and said goodbye. I felt accomplished, i really did. I think I captured some moments the newly weds could cherish for a lifetime, at least I was hoping I did.
Although, I never understood why I never heard from photog-X again….. i was blessed to hear from the Bride herself.

Hi Arjot, I just wanted to send you a BIG THANK YOU for taking photos during our wedding. “Photographer-X” had uploaded his photos earlier this month and they were beautiful; but he had missed a lot of the general atmosphere since he had to focus on the event itself. I’m sure you already know that we had requested from Photographer-X your photos as well. And thankfully so! You managed to capture a lot of the behind the scene moments and the overall crowd!!! It was nice to see those extra moments from the wedding. We were lucky to have you around. So THANK YOU!!!! –garani

I LOVE such gracious brides…  they inspire me to continue to do what i love most!
Thank you Garani for the much needed words of encouragement. I wish you and Pallav the very best.

It is traditional for the Groom to lead the bride holding her pinky-finger while they circle the fire… traditions can be soo cute sometimes!

Garani-Pallav-04 Garani-Pallav-05

Garani-Pallav-06 Garani.Pallav-02