Chapter 1 | The Couple To Be

Once upon a time, in the city of Udaipur, a wedding was set to take place. While it was the groom who chose to run far, far away from their hometown in Bombay, it was the bride who was enchanted by the majestic history, palaces and lakes of Udaipur. They made a plan to whisk away all their family & friends to join them for 2 days…

And then, on the eve of the celebrations, the mothers-in-law-to-be squealed, for the bride and groom were nowhere to be seen. They later heaved a sigh of relief, when their soldiers discovered the couple had just run away to the palace on the shores of Lake Pichola, to enjoy the final moments of their singledom in peace.

KJ Couple 01

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  1. raakhee Says:

    LOVE these two! Adore the photos. Gorgeous! Xoxo