AK Shot!

I love shooting… there is no doubt about that but being shot by another lens is also pretty cool. Especially when the talents behind those lenses are amazing as my friends, Jonathan and Sandhu-baayi!

I visited the Neemrana Fort Palace in Alwar on my last visit to India and it was AWESOME!  I couldn’t stop shooting with all that beauty around me but this little star-performer forced me to take a break and watch her do her thang! 
Thanks to Jonathan Piccolo for the candid shots!


The next shot of me is really special!  
I got my Col.Dad’s medals, his Sikh-Light-Infantry Sword and his uniform KamarBand. The jet on the right-collar represents the Indian Air Force and the Star on the left represents the Indian Army; two forces served by the family! I was initially going to wait till 15th August (India’s Independence Day) to share this image but I couldn’t wait!
Thanks to my friend and awesome photographer Pradeep Sandhu for the image!


4 Responses to “AK Shot!”

  1. Sonia Says:

    Love that shot of you, and all the meaning behind it!

  2. Seerat Says:

    So amazing… beyond words… The concept, the look, the shot, he confidence, the vibe… Spellbound!

  3. Uday Says:

    Fab! Great idea. Strong presence!

  4. Amrit Says:

    Incredible concept & you Sandhus executed it flawlessly..right down to makeup/hair & the nails! Kudos on another exceptional piece of work. Well done.