Power of Intent and “Lizard Marketing”?

The internet has become my new best friend. I learn so much everyday from it and can’t imagine life without it now.
As I launched my own little business, cyberspace became my playground, my classroom, my networking tool, my marketplace and even my friend.  On my blue-days and colorful-days, I appreciate all the positive energy brought into my life through the internet. Thanks to social media, I meet new people and discover new things everyday.  I recently stumbled upon a pretty cool site: “intent  My Path to Wellness.”   Wow.  People actually care to share dreams and inspire others?
After I spent some time taking in the positivity from reading shared “intents” of contributors, I naturally thought to myself, about my intent!  Well, my intent is to follow through with my intentions of doing things that need to get done.  That doesn’t always happen so lets just say a more specific intent is to get better at m-a-r-k-e-t-i-n-g my business!   Seriously!  I had NO IDEA how hard gorilla-marketing is. I feel like I’m marketing ALL day but at the end of the day, I find myself questioning what I accomplished. Well, people get degrees in the subject of marketing so we can go on about it.  I just wanted to share something on a lighter note.  As I was clearing out the mail, I came across the infamous geico (you know, the green lizard we all think of the moment we see or hear the world “geico.”)  I can’t say much about the annoying but great “lizard” marketing but as I was about to throw the envelope into the recycle bin, I stopped and read the bullets under the “IMPORTANT” box and for the first time, junk-mail made me laugh :)

p.s. Guys, remember to avoid brown shoes with the navy suit and those of you who have a mom’s bday coming up, better not forget ;)

One Response to “Power of Intent and “Lizard Marketing”?”

  1. Karaminder Says:

    Love the posts Ari! Keep it up!