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I’m A.K. Sandhu, an International Wedding Photographer based in San Francisco, California and Chandigarh, India. The transition from my corporate finance career to the world of photography has been a major transformation in my life. I soon realized that the decision to exit the world of corporate slavery was by far the best decision I had ever made.

I am thankful for many things;
the ambition (and the Canon) I inherited from my father;
the faith and compassion I inherited from my mother;
the knowledge I absorbed from the educational institutions I attended and bits of wisdom I gathered along the way from my friends, teachers and colleagues.

My journey with the camera has been immensely rewarding. Every photo I have taken has taught me something.
Documenting Love is the best job I have ever had and for that, I am thankful to the Brides and Grooms who have allowed me to capture their joy.

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