The Mighty 3O’H!

WOW… THREEE’OH just hit me and no longer am I just a 20~something. . . Yupp, officially NO MORE 20+ :/ 
Honestly, I can’t believe it, but whateva, its cool, I’m a BiGG-KiDD now and I look forward to being cooler, wiser and better in my 30s (which if you haven’t heard ARE the new 20s ;)

My 3-decades have been pretty amazing but this last decade certainly stands out. I was able do so much and there is sooo much that I’m grateful for. I’m thankful for Berkeley and Columbia, for wall-street, for the iHouse, for my 5jobs in 6yrs, for NYC, (even for the few fun pageants), for the amazingly talented n’ intelligent people who touched my life, for the countless trips to the motherLand (and Azerbaijan, Bali, Malaysia and beyond), for my true friends who stuck it out and are stiLL in my life (and even for the ones that aren’t), for my crazy-awesome family, my cousins and the beautiful nieces/nephews they’ve given me, for MOM, for my Dad’s camera, for photography, for the brides who allowed me to share their joy, and for the first time in my life, I can say that I’m thankful for my (facebook and twitter) FANS and for all those who admire my work and make it worth so much to me. . . (The hundreds of birthday wishes I got on fb and some from those who only know me through my photos, is such a blessing)

I had NEVER imagined to be where I am today. . . The past year has been intense and the past decade is one that I will savor for a lifetime!  I feel truly blessed. . .
LOVE to all,

{p.s.} Being a girl, my mother’s shares her labor-story with me everyyy year! Although she was told to expect a son on Jan 7, 1981. . . she went into Labor on Christmas day 1980 and was looking forward to having a kid who shared a birthday with Jesus. . . too bad it was a False alarm! Her water broke, contractions stopped and she was sitting in the labor room watching women come, give birth and leave. Then came Dec 26th and she looked fwd to having a kid who shared a birthday with her wedding anniversary… once again, too bad!  Finally, I, Ms. ArJot Kaur Sandhu, made a grand entrance into the world at 12:15AM, 27th December 1980! She discovered she had a daughter, who didn’t cry at birth and so she knew I had to be special ;)

{p.s.s.} Growing up, everyone noticed that I looked 99% like my father and almost nothing like my mother. Since I was the only child, I started to wonder if I was actually my moms kid… but in the past few years that has evidently changed… i LOVE this pic of my mother and for the first time I saw a glimpse of myself in my her! 
It has been amazing decade and I can’t to see how the decades to come unfold. . . Thanks for the good~genes mom, I hope I age just like U!


{Honestly, I actually stiLL remember being 03. . . can’t believe twenty-seven yrs just flew by :O}
Can’t help the “posing” here. . . which btw, is ALL Daddu’s fault!!!aK.03.30

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  1. Navi Says:

    Love the note..wishing u bestt

  2. admin Says:

    Thanks for the Love-Sohi <3