Love’s Confusing Joy

“LOVE LOVE LOVE. . . I want your LOVE!”  
OK, I will be the first to admit that I suck at writing, its definitely NOT my forte. I know, kind of a problem since I hope to keep you coming back to this blog for more. But I think I’ve found a solution. I’m gonna take tid-bits from those who are great at writing and share with you a hodge-podge of he said/she said dressed up with a little bit of what I am good at, a few pretty pics. So bare with me please as I write the mushiest post of the year. Here we go. . .

What is it about love that makes us go gA-gA for it???  As crazy, as awful, as awesome it can be, as much as we hate it at times and wish it never existed, we still can’t help crave love’s confusing joy!
Is love really “full of promise, full of hope and ignorant of reality”?  Is love really the “only shocking act left on the planet?”  I don’t know Ashton Kutcher, although you were fairly lovable in Valentine’s day the movie, over all it was slightly disappointing.  The hallmark hype sucks us in and makes us fall victim to it every year but then again, l-o-v-e is worth it! The highlight of the movie for me was definitely a part most other (non-desi) people probably missed.  As Jennifer Garner’s character performed “open heart surgery” on the love piñata, they played one of my favorite songs of all time in the backdrop–Sukhwinder’s Rabba Rabba. Nothing sums up the mix of beautiful emotions full of love and hope like that song!

Anyways, HAPPY VALENTINES DAY my lovelies––even if some describe the day as a day about anger, disappointment, LOVE, confusion, romance, mating, discretion, commitment (or at least the visual display of it), I say, “NO RETREAT, NO SURRENDER”––even if that is from a Jean Claude Van Dame movie, it applies to LOVE!   So just embrace it… with a few lovely videos that remind us of that warm feeling and bring a little more love into our lives. And please, at least today, be a little more loving towards your loved ones, its OK, cause love is LOVELY and your loved ones are WORTH IT!

(idk about u Bublé but I *think i have, or at least, I hope with Love :) )

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  1. KS Ghuman Says:

    So thumbs up for Valentines Day (Movie)?