Love, Life, Laughter and of course, Marriage!

Documenting Love is truly a privilege and I am grateful to everyone who has allowed me to capture their love! 
I always ask my brides & grooms how they met. Their love stories are crazy and cute and just too bollywood’ish at times (not sure if that’s a word but you get the point). 
One of my couples told me they met on a matrimonial site and although some couples are too embarrassed to admit it, my couple were straight-up about it.  To me, it sounded too good to be true.

Me:  "really, you met on-line and he lived across the country?” 
Bride: “Oh yeah, he didn’t even see my picture, we spoke for a few months on the phone and then decided to meet up and the rest is history”

They were both beautiful, successful and well-rounded, really, all those adjectives you think sound so cliché, they were all that and more! They were past the age of 30 (which btw is totally the new 20) and that’s the age most (Indian) parents sadly give-up!  Some however, take to the internet. . . {}, an Indian matrimonial site, is probably the most popular matrimonial sight in the WORLD. Parents LOVE it and most of their children dread it, really they do!

“its like looking for a job”  . . .   “only fobs are on it”   . . .  “its for desperate people” . . .

I’ve heard it ALL, the good, the bad and the “interesting” . . .  but, there is always a but and there is always another side to a story. I guess the truth is, you never know where you might find love, I mean if Michael Bublé can find someone in a supermarket, what’s wrong with the internet?

I’ve shared some of my favorite images of love before, but I can’t help but share some more with a few miscellaneous serious and funny thoughts on Marriage :~)  I wish we all get as lucky as these lovely couples living happily ever after :~)  …or at least you get your comedy-fix with the hilarious shaadi-comics illustrations. . . Shaadi-SikhPark
















My lovely parents, I’ve blogged about them on their wedding anniversary before but I had to include them in my favorite images of love once again… Mom-Dad

and since no post on “love” can be complete without Bollywood, here’s an image I guess I’ll call “vision” :~)