Hot Motherland

Blog! Blog! Blog! A month just goes by soooo fast. I was hoping to blog about my recent trip to the motherland—Taj Mahal, RajPath, Delhi and Punjab but the heat in the motherland threw-off all my plans. March&April were supposed to be an amazing time to visit my native India and spend some quality time with my Nana and family. While I spent most of my time (once again) dealing with the inevitable Indian bureaucracies, I was barely able to make time to photograph the beauty of the motherland.
As for the pics, bare with me please. . . I didn’t even have time to recover from the stomach-flu I caught on the flight back and had to get back to work right away! First came the Sonoma Wine Passport and then came the biggest wedding of my career (yet)!
Got a LOT of pics to post. . . so stay tuned :)