Happy Thanks!

. . .for teaching me how to swim, to walk, to play ball, to spell, to tie a tie, to horse-ride, to skate, to learn, to struggle, to defend and fight back, to work-hard and be lazy, to pose, to smile, to not be afraid to cry, to laugh, to curse and apologize, to make decisions, to be strong and at times to have the courage to allow myself to be vulnerable, to love and to let go. . . Thank U for the hand-sewn birthday dresses, the party hats, the food, the vicks & odomos-rubs, the tablespoons-of-brandy and the sips-from your flask!
ThankU for teaching me how to view and focus on the important things we see thru the lens of life…and ThankU for your camera :)  
Love, your Daughter!


2 Responses to “Happy Thanks!”

  1. Navjyot Says:

    I luv your blog dedicated to Uncle and Aunty!! Got me all teary eye..I wish I had an opportunity to meet Uncle but I feel like I know him so well through you and Aunty..

    Lots of luv!!

  2. Happy Says:

    Too Adorable!!!