Editorial | Glam Waves

This past weekend I had the privilege of collaborating with two of the most amazing artists; Anaa Khan @hairbyanaak and Megan Naik @beautybymegannaik and the results were nothing short of amazing! Thanks to our gorgeous model @SadafSerenade for giving me so much to work with in just 30mins.

AK-MNAKworkshop01AK-MNAKworkshop02 AK-MNAKworkshop03 AK-MNAKworkshop04 AK-MNAKworkshop05 AK-MNAKworkshop06 AK-MNAKworkshop07AK-MNAKworkshop08AK-MNAKworkshop09






AK-MNAKworkshop11AK-MNAKworkshop13 AK-MNAKworkshop14 AK-MNAKworkshop15 AK-MNAKworkshop16 AK-MNAKworkshop17 AK-MNAKworkshop18 AK-MNAKworkshop19 



Its collaborations like these that make me love what I do… AK-MNAKworkshop21