Doubt + Faith {Smell the Rain}

So its been a frustrating week. . . for many reasons. I keep trying to shake it off but sometimes that yucky feeling just creeps up on you no matter how hard you try to avoid it. But then the smallest things can make life sooo much better.
As I took a walk in the breezy streets of San Francisco, a wise person reminded me of what the amazing Khalil Gibran once said, “Doubt is so lonely that he does not know that Faith is his twin brother.”
In that moment, I felt a flood of energy rush in. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I smelled the sweet rain and it made my heart smile=)
Few things can matchup to that sweet smell of rain. As the raindrops kissed the earth, I said a little prayer in Faith. I was thankful and felt blessed just to be able to smell the rain. I don’t ever want to take that feeling for granted!
No matter what bs brings you down, just take a look around you and say a little prayer for all that is great {like bollywood :) }.

I then came home and watched some of my favorite ol’school bollywood-evergreen-songs. . .and they reminded me how much i LOVE the smell of rain {and Sridevi ;) } . . . who doesn’t? Both the rain and Sridevi can make you feel alive and connected with the earth {kind of like in Avatar when the people connected their tails with nature…LOL…} I apologize for tiring you with the cheezy bollywood-videos but hey, on blue days those cheezy videos are sooo worth their while!