Charlie Grace | Shower

Shooting at the beautiful home of Lois Chambers is always such a pleasure. Last year, when I first met Lois, whom I proclaimed “Sonoma Valley’s Martha Steward,” I blogged about it with much enthusiasm here. Last weekend, I jumped at the opportunity to spend another beautiful Sunday with the amazing ladies of the Sonoma Valley Worm Farm (that’s right, its one of a kind!).

To Mary Jane, Melanie, Sally and Megan, Congratulations on your growing family! Charlie Grace is indeed very fortunate to be coming into this world with such amazing ladies to welcome her. Also, Thank you for allowing me to share these special moments with you. 

Special shout-out to all the AH-maaayyyyzing women who helped make it possible, Mary Jane Arner, Melanie, Sally, Lois, Amy, Nicole and everyone else not mentioned here Smile


Also, based on a special request by Melanie and Sally, we’d like to thank none other than, Bruno Mars!