Baby Steps

Phew. . . still learning to take baby steps but I feel like running already!
The mixed-feelings still continued to crowd my mind from time to time and I just couldn’t shake it off. . . I’d been singing, bobbing my head to the beats inside it, even dancing around the house to the song in my head but it just didn’t seem to be working. BUT, I have faith and confidence so I DECIDED to just kick the “what-if” scenario out of my head. Don’t need to look back or think of what could have been, just cherish what is cause it definitely is for the best. I’m singing loudly now and drowning out those voices causing noise and I’m breathing. 
I JUST DECIDED to keep a smile on my face, that song in my head and just feel cool……and guess what, I think its working now ;)
Here we go. . .   aK-Canon-03

p.s.  With “hope, faith and a little sugar,” (yes, i stole the movie title) I created a “fan-page”. . . So please, show me some luvvv!!!

2 Responses to “Baby Steps”

  1. Navjyot Says:

    I like I like — But I dont know about your baby steps but WHATEVER STEPS YOU TAKING you doing damn well!! I truly wish you all the very best and I know you will do great – specially with Uncle and Aunty right besides you!!

    luv ya

  2. Megha Kalia Says:

    Hello Ms. Sandhu,

    Whatever you are doing. I wish you Goodluck…u seem to be an excellent photographer :)

    May success be all yours!