Anniversary of Love

Today is my parent’s 34th wedding anniversary. . . although my father passed onto the better place almost 10-years ago, I feel like he’s right here ready to smack me on the head any second!  His  love for the uniform, for photography, for the motherland, for (punjabi)music, for family, friends, me and most of all, for my mom constantly surrounds me and continues to make me a better person.  From being strangers who first got married to the loving couple admired by most, their journey of togetherness was the strongest and most important lesson to me.  To be as lucky in my own marriage, is all I can hope for. . .

Daddu taught me to pray every night before going to bed and he taught me to appreciate every word of Sufi-Punjabi music; two little lessons I savor the most!
On his behalf, I dedicate this song From my Father, to my Mother on their 34th Wedding Anniversary [0:30 – 4:18]
Sung by the AH-MAZING Kamal Khan (GOD, i LUV him), I absolutely LOVEEE everyyy word of it. . .

Pyaar Naseeba Nal Milda Hazoor Ey, Rabb Kolu Dil Janni Mangna Zaroor Ey
Haal Na Jahne Mera Dunya Nimaani, Oh Mere Jind Mere Dil Da Saroor Ey
Tere Pichey Menu Ey Sari Hayati Wi Thori Lagdiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
Sohni Lagdi Oh Menu Sohni Lagdi
Sohni Lagdi Oh Menu Sohni Lagdi!

{I took this pic on our way to the temple and this is one of the last pics of my parents before my dad got sick. . . I’m SO GLAD and utterly thankful to have inherited his love for photography!}


Thank U for showing me how to value Love and Marriage. . . and everything that makes it possible!
~Love, your ONLY child

One Response to “Anniversary of Love”

  1. Happy Sohi Says:

    Love this post. My dad passed away 10 years ago this past August. I know where you are coming from. I took photos of my dad when he came to CO to visit me…two months before he unexpectedly passed away. I posted something similar to my blog which you can read here:

    Thanks for posting! Love the photo..reminds me of my dad to look at yours….and love the song. :)
    My sisters and I do the same sort of thing for my mom…as though he is still here.