33yrs of ‘Arranged’ Love

Dear Daddu and Balli-mom,
If there was one wedding I wish I could have photographed, it would be yours!
Too bad your photographer wasn’t the best guy for the job… luckily it provided me with a little extra inspiration to do it right :)
Thank you for raising me and for showing me the meaning of Love, Commitment and Family. Thank you for filing my life with faith, hope and the courage to love and hold on to it when times are tough. Thank you for showing me that love doesn’t come from the material gifts we purchase for each other, it comes from that loving touch, that pure thought and honest consideration for those we choose to love. Although you live in different worlds now, I know your souls continue to love each other as husband and wife. Happy Anniversary, I am so proud to have you as my parents!


2 Responses to “33yrs of ‘Arranged’ Love”

  1. Navjyot Says:

    Toooooooo cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Happy Says:

    Awww, Ari – these pics are not as good as yours (haha) but certainly captured many memorable emotions! And, your words on top are heartfelt. Happy Aniversary to your Dad and Aunty from us!! Cheers!